No CC sans proper disposal of building materials: NKDA


The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) on November 23 released a detailed guideline, mentioning the dos and don’ts regarding stacking of construction materials and disposal of construction demolition waste and rubbish in New Town.

Officials said the owner or agency constructing any new building in New Town will not get Completion Certificate (CC) of the building from the authorities unless the guidelines are being properly followed and its compliance shown before the authorities. 

TOI recently reported on how construction material was being haphazardly stacked on roadside, narrowing down road space and creating air pollution in the township. Residents said such materials and debris are often blocking the gully pits and choking the drainage lines. Waterlogging happened across New Town during the heavy deluge just before the Puja.

As per the guidelines, the agencies should submit a scientific construction management plan to NKDA while applying for sanction of building plan and keep a set of sanctioned drawings at the site during construction. 

The construction area and construction materials should be wrapped properly during construction to prevent air pollution and avoid disturbance to people. The generated rubbish and construction waste should also be kept within the respective sites till its disposal and construction powder should be used instead of diesel generator set.

Construction materials should be properly stacked and wrapped so that it does damage the roads or service lanes and the owner is bound to compensate if any damage occur. The owner or applicant of new construction will not get occupancy certificates from the authorities if these are not complied with. The owner or agencies should not dump construction and demolition waste in manholes or gully pits.

Suman Chakraborti, TNN, Kolkata

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